Mats for Dojo Jigsaw Red & Blue 40mm

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ActionMat Dual Layer Red/Blue 40mm Thick Jigsaw Action Mat. Hardness Shore 45C. Size per mat is: 1m x 1m x 40mm.

Suggested use: Aikido, Judo, Ju Jutsu, Hapkido, BJJ, Ninja, MMA, any art which incorporates throws, groundwork, wrestling or boxing. Provides a thicker safer floor cushioning effect, while giving excellent sturdy reliable surface for rapid movement. Train in comfort with a warmer floor. Our most popular Action Dojo Floor Mat.

With purchasing a Dojo quantity:  (More than 6 mats) Discount price drops by       up to 25% for Dojo lots Provides flexibility to decor in your dojo – Either side up eg to create a Blue Border on a Red Mat or vice versa.
Easy to clean, tatami style surface finish. Light and transportable.
One removable edge per mat.

Price is ex our store in Rotorua.

Note: – The single colour mats have been superseded by these Dual Layer 2 colour mats shown in this section. Single colour mats are still available as bulk orders from manufacturer – please enquire for quotation.

Important – The jigsaw interlocking pattern of the single colour mats differs from the interlocking profile of the 2 - colour mats. They are same thickness so will fit together only as a straight edge, but single colour will not interlock with dual colour.

Because of the edge profile straight-edge strips will fit along 2 edges of the finished mat. The other 2 edges can be placed against a wall or the finishing edge strips can easily be cut to provide 4 straight edges


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