Mats for Dojo Jigsaw Red & Blue 25mm

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ActionMat Dual Layer Red/Blue 25mm Thick Jigsaw Action Mat. Hardness Shore 35C.  1m x 1m x 25mm.

Suggested use: Karate, Kung Fu, TKD, Tai Chi. Provides safe footing, less jarring and cushioned floor. Train in comfort with a warmer floor.

With purchasing a Dojo quantity:  (More than 9 mats) Discount drops price by up to 25% for Dojo lots =Provides flexibility to decor in your dojo – Either side up eg to create a Blue Border on a Red Mat or vice versa..
Easy to clean, tatami style surface finish. Light and transportable.
One removable edge per mat.

Price is ex our store in Rotorua.

Recent increases of 26% in our buy price means that we must regrettably reflect this in our sell price

Important – The jigsaw interlocking pattern of the single colour mats differs from the interlockiing profile of the 2- colour mats.

Because of the edge profile straight-edge stips will fit along 2 edges of the finished mat. The other 2 edges can be placed against a wall or the finishing edge strips can easily be cut to provide 4 straight edges

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