Mats for Dojo Jigsaw Green & Black 40mm

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ActionMat Dual Layer Green/Black  40mm Thick Jigsaw Action Mat. Hardness Shore 45C. Size per mat is: 1m x 1m x 40mm.

A premium quality 40mm mat designed to promote safety and comfortable training whatever your art.

The mat is Black one side and dojo Green the other – reversible making a traditional themed dojo possible.

Price will be discounted as volume increases – dojo lots typically receive 25% automatic discount making a good price for a mat of this quality.

Each mat comes with a removable straight edge on one side. This enables an edge border around any dojo with more than 4 mats. Because these are reversible mats the edge profile changes depending on which side is visible therefore the straight edge may need to be trimmed depending on which way up the mat is.

Suitable for any martial art or for any other sport or activity where safety is a consideration.


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