Katana Kami Folded Steel Shinken Live Blade

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This is one of Paul Chen’s top level Shinken made from folded steel. It is heavier and stronger than other models and is thereforemore robust, but as with all swords, great care must be taken in its use. All safety precautions refered to in our “Kenjutsu” DVD must be strictly adhered to for the safety of the user and of bystanders. Should only be used by a qualified kenjutsu instructor. Because any sword can be damaged through incorrect use, no performance guarantee can be given – this item must be inspected on arrival and if found to be defective prior to use and within 14 days of purchase date, we will reimburse the purchase price.

This is the sword now used by Hanshi Dave Butler for test-cutting demonstrations Рadditional qtys can be imported against order

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