BJJ Adult Belts

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BJJ Belts differ from standard martial arts belts in that they often have a black end-patch to enable the student to show what stage of training they have reached within that belt. Also, some grades have a white stripe to denote they have just reached that level, no stripe to show they are midway through that level or a black stripe to show they are at an advanced stage for that particular grade.
Sizing – in martial arts there are no sizing specifications – meaning that the given size is only the manufacturers interpretation of what that size should be.
In other martial arts categories we designate belt length by the actual length in cm making it easy for the customer to know what they are buying. In BJJ we go by the manufacturers sizing until there is demand from the public to do otherwise.

We are consolidating BJJ belts under a single line item with variations – belts may appear in multiple areas until this is complete.

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