Bokken, Saya, Tsuba, Tanto

Superior range of bokken sold to the Japanese market, manufacutred from Shirokashi (White Oak). To emphasise the quality of these weapons, of this range, Pro Budo weapons are sold into the Japanese and European markets.

There are 3 grades of weapons, AA or A being the highest quality white oak, B being the middle range tan stained white oak and C being the being the basic quality stained dark brown/ebony white oak wood.

Also the Saya is made to fit the standard sized Bokken of 40″, (not suitable for the Aikido and larger/heavier styles of bokken.

The Tsubas & Tomes come in 4 colours, Cream, Clear Tan, Brown/Ebony, and Black. These will fit all the bokken with the standard girth. (i.e. not the Aikido sized weapons.) The A grade weapons are finished in a pale natural finish called White, these suit the cream or tan Tsubas. The B grade are finished in Red/Tan stain finish, suiting the tan or brown Tsubas. the C grade weapons are finished in Ebony/dark brown and suit the Brown or Black Tsubas. You can choose which colour to match with your bokken.

Weapons can be carried in the vinyl Carry Bag, listed under Accessories – Standard.

We hope you get maximun enjoyment out of these wonderful quality Pro Budo weapons, the training weapon of the Sensei’s choice.

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Showing 1–20 of 25 results