White Medium Wgt 12oz Karate

Action Martial Arts Supplies stock a wide range of Karate style uniforms from 7oz cotton through to 16oz Canvas to cope with every level of durability required and to handle a wide range of kata, grappling, contact and non-contact applications. These 12oz cotton uniforms are in the mid range giving ideal use in most situations, stout and hard wearing. In general, the heavier grade of fabric selected, the more durable the uniform will be. This is particularly so in grappling situations where we recommend 16oz canvas. Care instructions – Cold wash and cold dry to minimise shrinkage. Air completely after training to allow perspiration to evaporate and thereby prolonging uniform life.

Belt should be ordered separately.

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  • White Karate Poly/Cotton Gi 7oz 5/180

    Karate 12oz Canvas White (Belt not included)

    $99.00$145.00 inc. GST
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