Karate Uniforms

Karate uniforms come in various fabric weights to suit the application and the personal preference of the practitioner, as well as the budget, especially when it comes to parents outfitting younger students. The range of Action Heavy Weight Karate Uniforms is tailored to provide additional durability for the competitive student, for instructors and for professional martial artists. The heavier grade of natural cotton gives extra strength that is required if there is a grappling component or where extra wear and tear is anticipated.

Naturally, the heavier the grade of cotton, the greater the strength and durability of the product. 7.5oz cotton is the lightest weight in this category moving up to 8.5oz, 12oz  and 16oz which will cater for almost any level of training including Tai-Jutsu.  Most uniforms are available in either white or black to accommodate your needs.
Sometimes Aikido students prefer lightweight Karate uniforms as they are lighter, cooler and less expensive, but lightweight uniforms also prove less  durable  where a grappling component is involved..

Belts: – In most cases manufacturers are supplying uniforms without a belt. This is because most customers are buying replacement uniforms and already have a belt.

When you order a uniform it will be supplied as it was received by us from the manufacturer –  Lightweight uniforms – 7.5oz & 8.5oz usually come with a belt. If you require a belt for heavier weight uniforms we suggest you order it separately.