White MedWt Judogi 650 - 750gm

These are a genuine 650g Medium weight and also 750gm Heavy-Medium weight woven (corncloth) fabric Judogis and are suitable for Judo, Aikido and Iaido students and instructors. The uniforms are of high quality and provide an economical solution suitable for those arts such as Judo, Aikido and Iaido where a corn-cloth is traditionally used and also in grappling situations of moderate intensity. The 650g medium weight weave fabric it is suitable for most students wishing to train in Judo.

There is also the option of the 750g heavy-medium weight judogi for Judo and Ju Jutsu. Heavier students or those entering into serious competition with grapling are encouraged to investigate a 900gm weave for increased durability.
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  • Judogi HW 3/160

    Judogi 750gm White (not supplied with belt)

    $140.00$175.00 inc. GST
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  • Judogi LW 3/160 White 450gm

    Judogi Mid-Weight 650g White

    $115.00$152.00 inc. GST
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Showing all 2 results