White LgtWt Judogi 450gm - 550gm

This is a genuine weave (corncloth) fabric and is suitable for Judo, Aikido and Iaido students and instructors. The uniforms are of high quality and provide an economical solution suitable for those arts such as Aikido and Iaido where a corn-cloth is traditionally used but where the uniform is only grasped infrequently, or for Judo training of moderate intensity. Typically described as a single weave jacket, with reinforced knee-pad in the trousers.

For children, this weight of fabric is very suitable for regular level judo training and competition. Because it is a lighter weight it is more suitable for students who are lightweight themselves, or where the fabric is not constantly exposed to a high degree of force – that is it is suitable for moderate grappling situations. The reccomendations above are to ensure that a correct grade of uniform is selected for the intended purpose. For a given fabric weight, Action uniforms are manufactued to a superior specification and if cared for properly will give years of enjoyable training. For hard training on a more frequent basis, or for heavier students, a medium weight uniform should be considered in order to prolong the uniform life further.
This uniform comes with a belt.

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  • Judogi LW 2/150 White 450gm

    Judogi 450gm White

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  • Judogi MW 8/210 White 650g

    Judogi Light Weight 450gm size 7

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