White HvyWgt Judogi 900 - 1000gm

This is a genuine Heavy weave (corncloth) fabric and is suitable for Judo, Aikido and Iaido students and instructors who require an absolute premium in durability and strength. The uniforms are of high quality and provide a solution suitable for those arts such as Judo, Aikido and Iaido where a corn-cloth is traditionally used and also in grappling situations of high intensity.

As this is a heavy weight weave fabric it is suitable for most students and instructors wishing to train in Judo. All garments subject to intense stess will have a limited life, however these heavyweight garments will provide the strength required of demanding training sessions.
Wash with cold water and keep dry for prolonging life.
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  • Judogi HW 3/160

    Judogi Heavyweight double weave 900gm

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