Hakama & Keikogi

Action Martial Arts Supplies stock a range of uniforms suitable for traditional Japanese martial arts. Typically, when training in an art of the Samurai, it is customary to wear a uniform to suit, and often this includes a Hakama (pleated trousers) and Keikogi (dark weave jacket). Pro Budo are the uniform of choice by many Swordsmen and Kendo practitioners. Action Martial Arts are exclusive distributors for Pro-Budo products in Oceania and are thereby able to provide the martial arts community with some of the best clothing and weapons for these activities. Additionally you will find the standard black Hakama used by many Aikido clubs, along with an entry-level hakama avaialble at reduced cost. Those anticipating prolonged training in these arts are well advised to consider the higher quality items which will provide better quality and durability. Product Care: Keep Hakama and Keikogi dry at all times – ie allow to air after training and keep folded to avoid creasing. Iron periodically to keep creases, as once they have gone it is sometimes difficult to re-crease in the correct place. Wash and dry cold.

Uniform Sale does not apply to Hakama or Keikogi

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