Street Address
Highlands Park Dojo: Mangorei School, 502 Mangorei Road, Highlands Park/Bell Block Dojo: Fred Tucker Centre, 132 Parklands Ave, Bell Block, Ferndale Hall, Barry Lane Ferndale, Spotswood School, 177 South Road Spotswood
New Plymouth
Training Days
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Training Times
Taijutsu - Wednesdays 6pm
Kenjutsu - Wednesdays 7pm

Highlands Park:
Kenjutsu - Thursdays 6pm
Jojutsu - Thursdays 7pm

Bell Block:
Taijutsu - Mondays 6pm
Kenjutsu - Mondays 7pm

Taijutsu - Fridays 6pm
Kenjutsu - Fridays 7pm
Contact Person
David Nips
Phone Number
022 6514034
Email Address

Bushijutsu literally translates as "The Art of the Warrior", this style includes the study of kenjutsu (art of the sword), jojutsu (art of the short staff) and taijutsu (art of the body, empty handed). Studying the arts of the samurai also incorporates strict etiquette and discipline as well as knowledge and history of the samurai. Each art incorporates training in basic techniques, partner practice, sparring and forms

Institute of Aikido Silverdale
Art Style
Street Address
107 Newman Road East
Training Days
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Training Times
Monday 7pm - 8.15pm, Tuesday & Thursdays 6.30pm to 7.30pm (kids) 7.30pm to 9pm (adults), Sunday 9am to 10.30am
Contact Person
Dunken Francis
Phone Number
0223 201 202

The Institute of Aikido dojo in Silverdale at the top of Auckland's north shore. The dojo operates a 24/7 open door policy to all students and members of the Institute of Aikido and their affiliated clubs.
Custom built in June 2008, It is a beautiful space, one of the largest dedicated Aikido dojos in New Zealand with 112 sq metres of mat. Facilities include on-site accommodation, a gym and the benefits of 5 acres of beautiful countryside featuring streams, waterways and a two acres pine forest.