Discount, Pricing & Quotations Policy

It is our policy to support martial arts in New Zealand.
One means of doing this is to offer discounts to clubs and to individual martial artists.

Action Martial Arts Quotations Policy as at Feb 2018

Volume Discounts:

The Action Martial Arts Website is designed to automatically issue generous discounts based on the value of the shopping cart at time of order. These discounts are as follows:

Min Cart Value                                 Automatic Discount

$150 – $249                                         10%

$250 – $349                                         15%

$350 – $500                                         20%

$500+                                                    25%

Loyalty Discounts:

We also apply 20% discounts for instructors buying for their clubs on a regular basis to reflect our appreciation of their loyalty. These discounts are regardless of order size.

Volume and loyalty discounts are not cumulative.

Significant Purchase:

Where a club wishes to make a significantly large purchase outside these parameters we can negotiate separately for a transaction outside the Action website shop.
Often such a purchase is for Dojo/Dojang Mats

The following schedule will apply to Mats:

Mat Single Order Qty                     Applicable Discount (ex warehouse)

50 Mats +                                          27.5%

100 Mats +                                          30%

200 Mats +                                          35%

Mats can be collected or we can quote freight separately.

As with any order, funds must be visible in our bank account well in advance of collection/despatch.

Thank you kindly for your ongoing support.


GST is included in all prices shown
Credit Card Charges
There is no surcharge for credit card transactions

Updated: 8/10/13