Discount, Pricing & Quotations Policy

It is our policy to support martial arts in New Zealand.
One means of doing this is to offer discounts to clubs and to individual martial artists.

Individual & Club discount (Automatic)

This is a value-based discount applied automatically by the website.

If a purchase is made for (say) $10, the customer is charged the item list price. Once the qualifying value is reached ($150) a 10% reduction will be made to the price of all items on that order. This is progressive in steps until the maximum discount level is reached (25%) for orders exceeding $500 in value.

This discount supports larger volume buyers and clubs. Clubs are able to make purchases on behalf of their student body, receive a discount and then sell the items to students at retail price.

Nobody is disadvantaged, and the club stands to gain the value of the discount which can go to club coffers to promote the club or pay for club activities for the students. The clubs ability to plan ahead combined with the generosity of Action Martial Arts Supplies makes this a valid and valuable means of fundraising for clubs.


The order must be placed via the website to qualify. This is because the calculation is automatic. It must be for a single order to a single delivery address.

Placing orders on the website is efficient for all parties because we get all of your details accurately. This includes delivery details and product details so there can be no misunderstanding as to what you intended to purchase. You get an email copy of your order so you can check it is what you intended and that the pricing is correct.

Web-based orders are therefore the most accurate and efficient means of placing an order which is why we encourage it.

Please check your order confirmation immediately and advise of any inconsistencies because we will supply the products shown to the delivery address shown..

Club Orders

The system described above will suffice for most situations, but we sometimes get asked for special club discounts where a club has shown considerable loyalty to Action Martial Arts Supplies.

What a club discount does is to guarantee the club a discount even if the minimum purchase value on a specific order does not reach the discount threshold.

In these cases we agree with a club on a level of discount (say 10%) and this will be applied regardless of order value. Once higher discount levels are reached these are of course applied automatically.

The agreed minimum discount means that where a club is caught short and needs to make a small purchase from us, there is always a small margin that can go into the club coffers.

Sometimes these club discounts are applied manually and sometimes automatically. They need to be agreed in advance.


With larger orders freight costs are lower, packing costs are lower and administration costs are lower and discounts can be applied to these orders because this is the most cost effective way to supply We are then able to pass on these savings (and more) to you, our valued customer.

Other Support

We also support Martial Arts in New Zealand in other ways. We have sponsored worthy organisations such as the New Zealand Martial Arts Institute inc, a very worthy means of helping support ethics and credibility in martial arts. We also established the National Martial Arts Directory which is a means for us to help our customers and their clubs to attract new members. We have also set up an events page that enables you to notify the public of upcoming martial arts activities. As with many things in martial arts, it is about helping each other – if you prosper, then we prosper and if we prosper, you prosper.

Special Quotations

We have invested in developing the website to enable customers to complete their own quotations which will follow our standard discount structure. These are professionally presented quotations on our letterhead that can be used for funding applications or for discussion at committee meetings to approve expenditure. They are based ex-warehouse and for bulky items freight will need to be added separately.

We therefore encourage customers to create their own quotations for their own mix of required products.

Simply go through the order process selecting the items you require. When your order is complete, go to checkout.

For payment option select “quote this order”….do not enter credit card details

Then finalise the quotation/order.
You will receive an order confirmation with details of the products, the prices and the discounts as well as the freight content. You can submit this to your club for discussion or attach to an application for funding. We will not supply the goods until payment is received.
All quotations have a maximum validity of one month and applies to products currently in stock. As most of our products are imported this is to protect us against rapid currency changes which significantly affect our buying price.
Quotations are issued in good faith, however we reserve the right to change or re-issue quotations one month after issue to reflect changes beyond our control.


GST is included in all prices shown
Credit Card Charges
There is no surcharge for credit card transactions

Updated: 8/10/13